In the recent Bollywood movie “Dear Zindagi”Shahrukh Khan has played the role of a neurologist. And on one hand, it was explained that people are not able to hide the disease of the body, but as soon as they find that there is some neurology disease in the house, like a viper to sniff.

Fussfulness starts, just like brain sickness is the biggest fear of life. Not only illiterate but also educated people can not open their mind on brain problems and talk about it.

The same thing can be considered as a debate for the use of condoms. Many people struggle with the fact that condom is a friend of them or trouble. The biggest trouble is that how to buy from a chemist or how to ask a nurse in a government hospital? But surprisingly, giving condoms to someone for chemist or nurse is as easy as it is to give a different medication.
The other trouble is to, use it. Many men complain that during the sex it becomes a hindrance in the fun and they do not get as much enthusiasm as the organ, without any condom, it remains in vogue.
In some cases, women do not even get this. The smell of condoms found in government hospitals makes the game of sex unnecessary and they are full of unpleasant fret before perennials.

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But some of these troubles cannot reduce condom’s importance. This is a friend who takes the trouble that comes upon you personally. Believe it, it twice the fun of sex.

Let’s know about the benefits of condoms:

Prevent from the Sex Diseases: During sex, condom work as a thin-membrane wall between the male and the woman’s private part, Which protects them from sex diseases. If you have more than one sex partner, then using condoms during sex can be eliminated to a great extent. Sperm and germs do not spread through this.

Get Rid of Unwanted Pregnancy: Condoms are considered to be very effective in not wanting to disembowel quickly or making some difference between the two children. It is helpful in getting rid of unwanted stomach and helps in family planning after marriage. Condoms are now easily available in almost every medical store. It is cheap and comes in different colors, flavors, and sizes.

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Increase in Sex Power: A research has revealed that using condom increases man’s ability to squeeze with his partner. They can spend their time on the bed for long periods of time. Apart from this, there is a pain in the male’s part during sex, but using condoms can get rid of this pain because the outer skin of the organ from the condom But there is less pressure and less rub does not cause pain. And yes, the risk of injury to the organ also decreases due to the use of this.

The Feeling of Happiness: Many people who use the condom during sex, believe that wearing them would make them feel new. There is more power to do sex. Now condoms are beginning to come in many flavors, which make sense of happiness through awkward during sex. for more posts in Hindi.

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