Raima, married in the bondage of marriage two months ago, says that when the marriage was fixed, I asked the mother, that I am getting frightened by thinking about the first night, what can be said?

As soon as marriage comes, in the mind of every girl, there is unknowable happiness and on the other hand, there is fear in the mind that how will the new house, the customs, the people of the house will be there? Will I feel comfortable in that environment? There is an innumerable curiosity in mind, with a very important aspect, along with all the many questions, namely the sex life, which it does not even ask about the mother sharing everything, nor the sister-in-law or sister.

It is common for a married girl to be concerned about sex. Talking about this topic, Raima, married in the bondage of marriage two months ago, says that when the marriage was fixed, I asked her mother that the mother is getting nervous by thinking about the first night, what can be said? Then the mother responded with tears, do not panic, it will be all right. When asked to a married friend, he said that there is a big pain when making a relationship. But now with my experience, I can say that if you are mentally and physically comfortable, there is no problem with the husband’s friendly touch.

New Love Question

Regardless of how many preliminary counseling institutions have opened up today, it is not necessary that every girl’s family can send her daughter thereby giving a large fee. But the question arises that if the future bride does not ask the questions of her mother to her mother, sister-in-law, sister and friend will not even tell her properly and she will also tell her that she will have her personal experience and not necessarily even with the future bride. What should he do? We go to the inquiries of the minds of the married girls and those who are going to get married, to know the kind of curiosity they have in mind. Presented, their curiosity.

What kind of curiosity?

Every girl has a curiosity in mind whether it is necessary to have bleeding during the first meeting? Is this the identity of virginity? Does the first meeting suffer a lot? If there is a physical relationship with someone else before marriage, then will the husband know about it? What can be done during menstruation? Does physiological weakness come in more than 1 times at night? Which contraceptive measures are adopted so that they are not immediately pregnant, etc.

Answering all these questions, Mother and Child Health Specialist and Family Planning Counselor Dr. Anita Sabharwal said that there is no relation to the virginity of blood during the first meeting. Indeed, during the growing age, during the course of sports or exercise, a thin membrane of the name is bursting and girls do not even know about it. Apart from this, the membrane of those girls who masturbate can also burst. Therefore married girls should be expelled from the point of view that there can be a question mark on virginity when there is no blood.

Similarly, pain in the first unit is not necessary. Often, due to shame and hesitation, girls do not get comfortable during sex, due to which there is no wetting in the vagina and pain due to dryness. Therefore, support the husband while making a relationship. Husband can not know about the pre-marriage relationship unless the wife herself tells it.

Romantic Love

During such menstruation, there is no harm to sex. Nevertheless, it is good to not be sax, because one wife is going through similar problems like bleeding, PMS, many husbands put an emphasis on Oral Sax, which is not right. Most of the girls also have this curiosity that there is weakness due to doing sax more often. Actually, it is not so, husbands are unaware of the sex requirement of husbands. Because of this, they feel that it will be harmful to sax more often, whereas nothing like this. Yes, it would be good for the family planning measure that the wife should meet any gynecology specialist so that she can not get pregnant immediately after marriage and get full enjoyment of her marital life.

Things to note

  • Sex information is available halfway on the internet. So do not focus on it.
  • Do not live in fantasy and keep in mind that not everyone gets everything.
  • If there is a disease such as diabetes, asthma, etc. then the information should be given to the future husband before marriage. Similarly, if a husband has any disease, then the wife should be aware of that.
  • The curiosity of the mind that how the in-laws would be, keep in mind, the features of each house are different. Essentially, respect the elderly, try to adopt the designers of the house and win the heart of everyone with their mood and work. In the mind, read the articles published under the text of any good magazine, in any good sense.

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