Do Not Get Angry On Children

Many times, children are either crippled or even die due to being a victim of the anger of the mother and father. 

The anger of illegitimate relationships

One of the major reasons for committing a crime against his innocent children is the illegitimate relationship, because of the fear of the opening of the rule of illegitimate relationships many times due to children.

In the district of Basti district of Kaptanganj police station, the three years of creating an obstacle in illegal relationships in the village of Dayal Pur, his mother’s mother was strangled to death. After killing his daughter, he took the corpse hidden in the zodiac and took it to the village’s Siwan and hid it in a heap of straw.

Kaptanganj police station chief Rohit Prasad had exposed this scandal and had told that the mother of the creature had murdered him only.

If any of the mother and father are eroding their sex hunger with illicit relationships, then do not let the impact of this come on children. If it ever happens that the child knows about the illegitimate relationships of your mother and father, then try to make a distance from the one with whom there is such a relationship.

Upset children

Even if the child tells someone about your relationship, you should avoid committing a crime against the child, because perhaps you will forget about this badness, but not only in the crime of child due to concealing your illegitimate relationships. They will not wash their hands, but they will also reach behind the bars for life.

Keep on fret over

Many times, the mother and father are troubled by the burden of work, failure, the tension of the office, etc. In such a situation, when children talk to Mumba in love, they unintentionally have to be the victim of Maungaap’s anger. Sometimes this anger reaches the child’s beat. This anger often leads to the life of innocent people.

Says social worker Vishal Pandey, “It is the responsibility of every mother and father that they should be careful about taking care of children. It has been observed that many times people do not control themselves, due to which they start throwing their failures and fret over their children.

“Children are not in a position to oppose their own money and they can be easily criminalized. To avoid this, we have to keep in mind that we keep our home and workplace’s concerns separate from each other. We do not bring our work or other concerns at home. Talk to your children lovingly, even if they are troubled, listen to them and help them if necessary. ”

Stay away from drunk

Social worker Purnima says, “Intoxicants often lose consciousness. There is no understanding of the difference between good and bad. Mali condition of people with addiction seems to deteriorate rapidly, due to which they can not fulfill the basic needs of children.

Drunk Father

“If the child asks for a meeting to meet his needs, then he starts to kill the child in fury of not fulfilling it.

“Drunk people do not even think that a child can get serious injuries too. In such a case the child may also be subjected to disability or death.

“There is only one way to avoid such a situation that distance from the addiction to the sake of children and the unnecessary expenditure on addiction should be spent on the education of children along with the cure.”

Put on the cost

We often mimic others and spend more than our earnings. Due to this, we start to burden the debt burden from day to day. Again, it is common for the children to not be able to pay the children’s fees, along with the needs of the kitchen, and not meeting the needs of the children.

When your child sees other children good eating habits, then he starts to insist on living in the same way, so start your children from the earliest times by looking at their gardener condition, otherwise, if the needs of the child will grow So his demands will also increase.

In such a situation, despite repeated requests by the child, the anger and fervor begin to increase in the absence of fulfilling the needs of the children, which gradually begins to appear as a crime against the children.

Avoid this thing

Social worker Anita Dev says, “Many times we start fulfilling their unwanted aspirations in the love of our children. Because of this, the habit of insistence increases in children. Many times children also make such insistence, which is not enough for you to fulfill.

“In such a situation, it worsens when children often begin to insist on unnecessary things, and if the earnings of the monastery are not good, then they start annoying their children.”

Keep family short

According to social worker Anita Dev, getting more children cannot be considered as a work of introspective. The task of making sense is to take proper care of the child while keeping the small family and focus on their good education.

Sweet & Small Family

To protect children from being a victim of anger, it is the duty of the mother and father that they have a good environment for the child. Meet the basic needs of them.

If your gardener’s condition is not good then try to earn any earning employment. This will be good for the future of your children and your old age.

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