Government Jobs and Young People

Today’s time is of a consultative round. There is a need for a workforce for that. By becoming part of that workforce, we can give a new direction to our society.

In our society, people who have government jobs are looked at with respect. Because of this, youths tend to lean towards government jobs, but due to the increasing population and lack of jobs, all the educated youth cannot get government jobs. Despite this, when young people think about their career, they only see government jobs. Even when filling the form, most young people do not have any targets. They take from the officer to the clerk and peon’s job till the job.

These young people do not think that besides government jobs there are also paths. Not everyone can get government jobs If you look at data, government jobs are only close to 2 percent.

Only 2-3 percent of the people running for government jobs will get jobs, where will the rest go?

Benefits of government jobs

There is a lot of other services in government jobs, along with job security. Government job means a comfortable job Whether work or not, the salary will be available every month. Higher earnings by rank also.

The country’s top official has IAS in the job. An IAS officer gets a special honor along with a good salary. These officers have a large paycheck as well as a government house, a car, a free government servant, and many other facilities.

After making a bridge in many places in Bihar, making of crores of rupees by the district officials was openly open in case of land acquisition by farmers in creating link road and making NTPC thermal power.

Corruption in Government Job

There are many prominent positions and posts in the government job. The post has its own status and black money is according to the rank. If the officer receives a bribe of one lakh rupees then his clerk will also get Rs. 10,000. 100-200 peons will also earn

If the District Label Officer earns Rs 5 lakh per month from the bribe, the elder Babu earns Rs 80-90 thousand and the peon earns Rs 10,000 in the month.

If the officer in Block Level takes a bribe, then it reaches the share of the officials up to the district level. The corruption in all the sectors, such as the distribution of public distribution system, Anganwadi center, mid-day meal scheme, MNREGA, etc., is that the participation in the bribe has ranged from below to top officials. For the show, the surveillance department, sometimes holding some office bearers, keeps on mining and wants to show the common man that the department is conscious of corruption.

The professionals openly face the judge. People from all over the country know it well and people talk about it during the normal conversation.

Increase in respect

The pressure of work in the government job remains low. Accountability is not the same. Even if the work is done, then they are okay, otherwise, they will postpone the next day.

There is freedom in the government job. You do not have a shortage of time. After the duties, you have time only. There are many vacations in addition to weekly holidays in government jobs.

Government Lawyer

With the promotion of government jobs, it is time to increase salaries. There is no work to do separately for this. Many types of allowances are available in government jobs. With medical leave, along with a full month’s salary, medical allowance is also available. The government loan is easily available on low interest when government servants are required for a large amount of money.

Why government jobs?

In a government job, there is a sense of fun. It is very difficult to get a government job, but if you get it once, you will have fun for 60 years. If you went to work from time to time, well, even if it went late no matter. What is the need for months to get the holidays?

If you are a senior officer in the government job, think that the servant is free. The posters do the work of their home by depositing robbing on them. Identify and boast in relatives and friends differently. Government quarters, medical facility, loan facility equipped with all facilities to stay. Tour facility to hang out with family.

There are even more

Those who do not get government jobs can start their business and reach a good point. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Tata, Birla or other big bourgeoisie and industrialist have reached the highest peak of business. These people have also given jobs to a lot of people. A lot of small businesses are also defeating the people who are employed by the government.

Apart from this, good paychecks and facilities are also provided in a private job. The number of people earning 50 lakhs, 25 lakh rupees per year is also in these companies.

Youth Preparing For Job

Today’s time is of a consultative round. There is a need for a workforce for that. By becoming part of that workforce, we can give a new direction to our society.

Every year, the BJP government, which came to power with the greed of 200 million jobs, could not get enough jobs in the last four and a half years. Meanwhile, new unemployed increased in the number of millions. Worst of all, farming and lying on small and domestic industries. Because of the ban on bondage and GST, all the work conditions were affected. Public sector or government, everyone has a bad condition. Torn down everywhere or just now.

Most of the people here are living in poverty and giving the names of fate to the troubles that come upon them, lightens the brain burden. From religion to politics, the hypocrites are spreading and the thugs and miscreants are leading them. Need to try better with new thinking to get out of these messes.

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