My age is 33 years. I have 2 kids, but my breast size is too small. Because of this, no blouse fits me. Give a solution?


If the breast size is too small, then there can be two ways of this. First, you get breast surgery. Put a silicone pad in it and make a breast in your body. Second, you use a padded bra. Now there are also good types of pads that come in the market, which will make you feel real breasts.

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Get the figure that you want

Every woman has a desire to have an attractive figure. There was a time when the desire was imagined and often the women with the fatty body would have left only one aah. But the time has changed, the demand for time has also changed. Now you get the figure as what you want. A meeting with a good cosmic surgeon will definitely complete your dreams. There is always a lack of physical structure in some places. Somewhere waist thick, somewhere lean breast then somewhere very small breasts. But why should any problem be taken, when all of them can be diagnosed. This can be explained about how the cosmic surgeon Dr. Ajay Kashyap and Dr. J.B. Rati.

Get The Figure That You Want

The talk about cosmetic surgery from them is present here:

Due to artistic interests, Dr. Ajay Kashyap’s trend went towards cosmic surgery and then started to cure physical shortcomings and then started to cure physical shortcomings. Dr. Ajay Kashyap explains that whenever a case comes to increase physical beauty, we do surgeries to make it beautify.

What are the cases related to breasts usually, which you formulate?

There are cases of all types related to breasts. Like raising small breasts, limiting latches and big breasts, raising nipples or reducing the brownie part of it. If nipples grow, they can be smaller. Reducing the brown part of the nipple i.e. the case of Ariola reduction also comes. Actually, every woman has a desire that her body looks beautiful. We make the organs beautiful

Usually, what age of women come the most?

So, women between 20 and 40 are more likely. But some even come around 50. Their children grow up and at this age, they think about themselves.

What is the ratio of the breasts when the body is of Zero Figure? How heavy breast should be on a very thin waist?

Breast also has ratios. Breast size is according to the waist. Just like if the waist is 24 inches, the breast should be 36 inches. Breast cup should be of C size.

Breast Of Zero Figure Girl

If you look at the look of cosmetic surgery, how is the physical beauty changing?

In the 1980s, the athletic body had more currency. But now the time has changed, the girls have started living in the rotation of zero phases. Even before marriage, they make the arrangements for the zero figure. And the figure wants thin but the breast just wants a bit heavy.

You make small breasts bigger than silicone implants, but sometimes after the formation, the breast becomes hard. What would you say?

Yes, many times the implant becomes hardness. That’s why we sometimes make a breast from a customer’s fat, which is called autologous Fat Breast Augmentation. The place where fat is in the body, such as in the thigh, abdomen, hip or waist, removes them from there and makes them breast with it. Thus, the breast itself is made without the implant.

Do unmarried women also come?

Yes, unmarried women also come. Of course, come short but come on.

How are the big breasts shortening?

There are many problems with big and huge breasts. In this, itching and fungal infusion under the breasts, there is a pain in the shoulders and the figure looks strange. Sometimes a breast is bigger and a little smaller. She still looks bad. Whatever the problem, the process is all right.

Big Breast

Which is the best figure according to you? What kind of breasts are trending nowadays and which category do you have more?

We have more people from the glamor world. Look, the good figure is the same as the thin waist in which there is a thin waist. That is, the size is 36-24-36. These women also want and we also give such physical beauty of doing the procedure. The question of Breast’s latest fashion is that every woman wants a thin waist, and the breast is well-groomed and raised. In these same dreams, we fill the colors.

How much does it cost in this operation?

It depends on the formation. Usually, between 1 lakh and 2 lakhs is spent.

Dr. J.B. Rathi said that our work is very challenging. Sick people do not come here. Here people come to get formalities to look beautiful and we have to meet them on their scale. Then all of the beauty has its own criteria. Many women want that the waist is very thin and the breasts are extremely heavy, some women want something else.

Which class people come to you more?

Generally, people of models, films, and TVs come in more often because they want good bodied shapes. Even common people come also.

What about the operation of breasts?

We make small and big breasts very small, by enlarging small breasts. Apart from this, the nipples are also formatted. But nipples are made small We can not grow the little ones We have done this procedure for women, but breast problems are also found in many men. Many men have one or both breastfeeding women. We make them normal by making them normal. This is due to hormonal imbalance.

Beautiful breast in Black bra

What types of breast do women like nowadays?

Should be a thin waist and the breast should be heavy and upright. That is why women are able to correct the broken breast by formalization. To say means they want to look good. We do this by formalization. Lift up the breast, tighten it with surgery. Usually, the moodles do not want a small breast, nor too big, the middle size looks okay, but the noticeable size. Many women have very small breasts, then we make them bigger than Silicone Breast Implants.

How much does it cost?

Look, Implants come from outside, which ranges from 35,000 to 45,000. But the entire expense comes up to  1 lakh

How much time does it take?

Breast implants take 2 to 3 hours, but it takes only 5 hours to reduce the breast or take a break.

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