I Feel My Wife’s Organ Loose During Sex!


I feel my wife’s private organ getting loose when I am going for the sex with her, but she is complaining that my organ is thin and small, that means that we both are unhappy. What to do?


Being small, thin or loose in the organ does not make any difference during the sex. If both of you are properly prepared and ready after full enthusiasm, then all complaints will be removed.

The right way to make sex brings both partners closer. But the hardest thing is that very few people know about it. Many people have a lot of questions about how sex should be started well. So here are some of the things being said about one by which you will be able to start the sex relationship well.

First of all, find out if your partner is interested in having sex

The first rule to have sex is that you learn about your partner’s mind. Not everyone can be ready for sex at all times, so it is better to ask the partner or to have a touch of love, it can be ascertained whether he is prepared mentally and physically.

Sensual passionate couple kissing making love, enjoying foreplay

Get ready in advance mentally

Sex is an experience that not only gives you pleasure but also benefits health, like calories burned, gets relief from depression. But it is important to take care of the things of caution, otherwise, it can be a bit of fun, such as unwanted pregnancy, infectious disease, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to keep condoms or contraceptive pills before sex. It is good to understand the mate’s mind before sex, and if the wife is not ready to take the child, then use condoms during sex. Never force yourself.

Choose a place that comforts you

To have sex, you should choose a place that can comfort both your mind and body. The place where you are just in your place is good.

Never coerce your partner to have sex

The first rule to establish a sexual relationship is love. Never forget this rule because forcefully not tortured is love. Both of you should respect each other’s wishes, then only a good sex life can start. This can happen only when you speak freely to each other.

Kissing or sexually touch

Before making a physical relation, it is important to establish loving contact. Most women love to kiss, care about them, sexually touch, to be mentally prepared before establishing a love relationship. By this, they gradually get ready mentally for this relationship.

Male hands stroking female back, passionate couple making love,

An important role of foreplay

Generally, foreplay does not give importance to men, but foreplay is very important for women to get excited about sex. The kiss before sex, the cuddle, the touch of love in the inner organs is all that important. All this satisfies them mentally. In the same way, men’s bodies also need a touch of women, when their body is contented.

Wait for the right time

Penetration is the worst thing to do when starting a love affair because it is not only a bond of love but also a feeling of doing one task. When your partner completely reached its peak, then enjoy the pleasure of penetration.

Keep some things in mind before entering your organ

To enjoy sex, it is important to know about primary things too. Get to know the woman’s vagina well. For the first t, time men may not know where the vagina is. Therefore, they try to enter the penis without knowing that women have to experience gruesome pain. So get help from your partner without shame.

Making Extreme Love

Establish a love relationship

After penetration, the man should take care of the happiness of the partner with his pleasure. Both should talk to each other about their thoughts so that they can enjoy sex and satisfy one another. To enjoy sex, one should support each other.

After establishing sex relations

It should not be separated immediately after establishing a sexual relationship as soon as it is done, let’s go now. Rather, one should love each other, who should do it, embrace it, the connection between the two is even deeper.

In the last stage of establishing a love relationship

After establishing a relationship, express your happiness. Express your satisfaction with this regard. The most important thing is to clean your own intimate organs. If your condom is used, then wrap it in the paper and throw it in the dustbin.

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