I Have Sex During Menstruation


I am a 21-year-old girl, I have a boyfriend with whom I have physical relations also. During the recent menstruation, I have had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but we have not adopted any contraceptive measures. Now I am worried about the fact that I should not get pregnant. I want to know whether pregnancy can be prevented from making relationships during the menstrual cycle. Well, my monthly religion has happened after the connection.


Generally, there is no possibility of having a pregnancy on making physical relationships during the menstrual cycle. But it depends on whether your menstruation is regular or not. If the menstrual period is normal then the chances of pregnancy are low. But the possibility of pregnancy cannot be completely denied. Because if your menstruation is irregular and the discharge of the egg from an irregular period and at the same time there is a menstrual cycle, then there may be a possibility of pregnancy.

The next time you do something like this, take contraceptive measures so that you can get rid of diseases like pregnancy, STD, and AIDS. Well, in the present situation, if you have normalized after having a monthly connection, then there is nothing to panic.

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Menstrual: Cleaning in these days

Menstrual or menstruation is a gift given by nature, which ensures the way to become the mother of a girl or woman. It starts from 10 years to 12 years of age, which persists from 45 years to 50 years. After this, menopause occurs in women. During this period they have to undergo menstruation every month. If they do not properly clean their private organs, then they may be in the grip of all kinds of diseases.

Even today in our society, it is treated as untouchable for girls and women for 4-5 days of menstruation. Not only this, most girls and women use traditional clothes during this time and wash it and dry it in such a place, where no one else has the eyesight.

V Wash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

V Wash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

From a health perspective, these clothes are not okay to reuse them. The choice of this is sanitary napkins, but because of being expensive, they are used only by rich or elite women.

Even today, small towns and villages of the country and women use weed, sand, ashes, paper or clothing instead of sanitary napkins.

According to a survey, 80 percent of women and schoolgirls do the same. These include not just illiterate but also some working women.

Such things have been reported in the survey conducted by members of the FICCI Ladies Organization. Women entrepreneurs talked to schoolgirls and women laborers, Anganwadi workers and women selling vegetable in villages and small towns. They were asked what do they know about sanitary hygiene?

It was found on asking the school children in the towns that many girls do not go to school on these special days every month. In many cases, girls left the studies due to the 5th class.

38% of girls in the country leave school after the 5th class due to menstruation. 63% of the girls do not go to school during this time. 16% of schoolchildren do not know sanitary napkins. 93% of literate and working women do not even use napkins.



Since this is a very private matter and schoolgirls are more hesitant, therefore, women and child development workers should go to schools in this regard and explain the cleaning done during these special days.

Napkin Dispenser Machines have been installed in many schools by FICCI Ladies Organization. The napkin can be taken from these machines in just Rs 2.

In many schools of Madhya Pradesh, the sanitary napkin machines have been installed like ATMs, where a napkin is released when putting a 5 Rs coin. These are all schools where only girls read.

If all the cleanliness is not taken care of in the menstrual period, then urinary diseases can occur. Due to the use of things like ashes, straw, women can be cut and wound. This can be a problem of infertility for a long time.

During the survey, some families also met where more than one woman appeared to be from menstruation. Mother, daughter, sister, wife, etc, when together with menstruation and drying after washing clothes made on their organs, it becomes difficult to find out later which one was used? In such a situation, if the cloth does not wash properly, the other can be affected.

The uterus mouth is open during menstruation. These days, if cleaning is not taken care of, then there is a risk of having an infection.

In the days of menstruation, the market pads should be used instead of the domestic clothes pad, as compared to clothing pads, the market pad absorbs moisture for long periods of time, does not wound and protects from fear of staining.

It is important to take bath during menstruation, especially the cleaning of reproductive organs. Panties should also be changed daily.

Love in Menstruation

Wear the market pads used during menstruation and put them in the dustbin. Do not flatten them with water or put them in the open.

There is no doubt that the sanitary napkins of good or bad companies come very expensive. 4-5 pads take a day. This expenditure is beyond their budget. Apart from this, he is ashamed to buy it by going to the shop.

For the sake of girls and women’s health, the Central Government and the State Governments should give subsidies to companies that make sanitary napkins so that the cost of this may be reduced so that they start getting one or two rupees. This will be a good step towards the well-being of women and girls.

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