I am still with my lover after marriage. I enjoy a lot. Is it OK to do all this?


I have been married for 2 years. I used to love a boy since childhood. Even today, we both meet with each other and also do our work. Husband also love me, but I am immersed in the memory of the lover. What should I do to get it?


When you had so much love with your lover, why did you agree to marry someone else 2 years ago? In fact, both of you enjoy this part of the same time. It is in the sense that you do not cheat your innocent husband. If he come to know, then you may be devastated. If the husband left you, the boyfriend would also be slipping away. You leave your boyfriend.

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After the marriage, deceiving husband and wife

The human nature is cheating actually, it can also be called weakness. People cheat in friendship, cheat in relationships, cheat in love and even cheat even after marriage.

It is seen that after marriage, people cheat for many reasons. Many times this fraud is deliberately given, sometimes cheating is often cheated for revenge. Many times divorce is the main cause of divorce.

Cheating in Marriage

Here we are going to tell you why married people cheat each other.

Reasons for cheating after husband’s marriage

No satisfaction

Many times, husband does not get satisfaction with sex from his spouse who he wants and then he starts looking for this satisfaction out of marriage and comes in touch with other women.

Open society

Due to modernity, due to the openness of society, the husband is cheating his wife. Actually, openness in the new sub-atmosphere of the society is fast approaching, and due to this the mindset of the people is also being opened and they are less hesitant to make a relationship outside marriage. In this case, women have become very bold. Of course, the foundation of such a relationship is kept on deceit.

Open society

The spread of social media

Nowadays the chances of becoming an extra-marital affair have become high because you make friends easily through social media, which was not so easy at first.

Lack of communication

Regular communication between husband and wife prevents many problems from occurring but it has been seen that the possibility of deception increases even if the couple does not have intercourse or is too short. In the absence of dialogue, misunderstandings occur many times in both of them, which then turn into bitterness.


Nowadays, people think of experimenting to make their skin-life more interesting. If the husband is not getting the dryness of the sex or if he is bored, then he does not miss the experiment. But when the wife does not cooperate, the men begin to cheat.

Reasons for cheating after women’s marriage


Usually, a wife starts betraying her husband either because she is married to someone before her marriage or her first lover is troubling and blackmailing her.

Husband’s mood swings

Many wives get rid of their spouse because her husband is smoky and doubts her on the matter.

Loneliness and boredom

Many times the woman becomes bored by staying alone in the house or by the same routine, and in this way, she gets attracted to the outside world, and consequently, her affair begins to run.

Loneliness and boredom

Different thinking to husband

Many times the husband does not meet the idea or, at all times, due to the family feud, wife gets attracted towards any other man.

Apart from this, there are many reasons for which both men and women start betraying their partner even after marriage.

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