I want to have sex every day with the wife, but she does not like it. What should I do?


I am 29 years old. I have 2 children of 7 and 5 years. I want to have sex every day with the wife, but she does not like it. What should I do?


After being a child, women often become tired of sex. Please explain to the wife lovingly that you have the right to restrain yourself and be good for both. This will change the thinking of the wife.

Usually, after some time of marriage, Kapal’s sex life remains cool. But, after having a child, his sex life looks like a break. Their sex and relationship have a lot of impact on the child after. There are few such couples, whose relationship remains as much as the child after having a relationship. Obviously, the responsibility of couples, after being a child, increases responsibilities too. He spent a lot of time caring for the child. In such a case, Husband-Wife cannot take time for each other.

Wife don't want sex

On the other hand, after becoming a mother, the responsibility of any woman increases, taking care of the child’s health is the priority of any mother. That is why they did not pay much attention to sex life. Some people think that after having a baby, sex life does not remain interesting. It also happens, sometimes after pregnancy, the interest of women in sex becomes less for some time. But that does not mean that you do not enjoy your sex life due to childhood.

Research suggests that after the birth of babies, nerve adding becomes more sensitive and climax intensity increases. By taking some tips after childbirth, you can bring your sex life back on track.

The Days will come back

Generally, when the baby is a few months old, women start having menstruation again and the desire to have sex within them starts recreating. His sex life becomes active again. Many times women think that sex is only meant to be a mother, but forget that, because the real purpose of sex is to maintain freshness in married life.

Keep romance

Your relationship should not only be physical but also emotionally strong. This helps in maintaining the heat of relationships in times like pregnancy. Parents can increase their responsibilities after having a child, but in spite of this, they should try to spend some quality time together. Immediately after the birth of the child, you can maintain your sex relationship without any relation, only with foreplay. If you like, you can create a romantic atmosphere by playing music in the bedroom and placing flowers. After a while, when your wife’s hormone changes, your sex life will easily come back on track.


Do the exercise

After the birth of a child, many women complain of looseness in the vagina. In such a way, with the help of Exercise or Yoga, you can adjust your muscles again. After a few weeks of exercise or yoga practice, your sex life will be the same again.

Be careful

To ease the birth of a child many times a small surgery called episiotomy is done at the time of delivery. Sometimes there is trouble or pain while doing the intercourse due to this operation. In this case, if you take caution, in 6 to 8 weeks the effect of this surgery is over and the vagina comes back to its old shape.

Work your way

‘Adrenaline’ chemical is very important for sexual activity. Try to increase its volume in the body. If you are tired or stressed, do some work of your choice. Look at favorite movies or relax by taking a cup of coffee.

Romantic kiss

Talk about relationships

It is often seen that if you do not talk about your relationship, then it quickly turns into a cumbersome relationship. So talk to each other about this topic. By trying this method, you will see changes soon.

Become crazy

Many parents do not have sex after having a child. In this case, you have to be crazy about it. Believe that there is less chance of sex in front of a child, but sensible parents also love each other while taking a baby’s nap.

Understand the mentality

Understand the mentality of each other and behave in the same way, because physical pleasure will only be achieved when the mind is happy. Many times Husband also starts putting pressure on his wife to have sex after the child’s birth. Do not do this, it can cause problems with your wife, or maybe irritating towards sex.

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