The invisible power of God, like the devout hypocrites, has created such flaws of the natural relations of man and woman that even today women are suffering due to their losses. Is religion is the cause of Violence from Women?
Have you ever seen that the pigeons and the pigeons fight together or the elephant has beaten his handmade and killed or the lion fought with its lioness? No, you will never have heard it, because the work of these nations of nature is to give love to each other, to coax and to produce children as a result of it. For millions of years, every organism on earth is fulfilling its lifecycle following this rule of nature. We are the only human on this earth who blaze this rule of nature, beat their females and exploit them all the time.

NGOs are comfortable and equally

A survey done on women by the Majors 2030 is not less than any sophistication on the modern and developed face of India. These two institutions of Vadodara have found in their survey that nearly one-third of married women in India are beaten by husbands, but most of them do not have any special complaint from this. They have considered it as their destiny.

It is shameful that about 27 percent of women aged 15 to 49 years of age have been raising domestic violence since the age of 15.

Recently, the ‘Me- too’ movement read out the fact that the naked truths of working on high offices and the compulsions, tragedy and misery of women called modernists can be judged by the fact that the country’s less educated, financially poor, forced, women living in the villages are facing the humiliation, violence, oppression, and exploitation at the hands of the men’s society.

Exploitation Of Women

Violence from the woman only! Why?

After all, why is the woman victim of violence? Why does she beat? Why is it that physical and mental abuse with her? When and how did it start to beat the woman and keep her in control? Apart from human beings, who are the creatures who beat their females or exploit them?

In order to find answers to these questions, we have to explore the history of other organisms and the history of mankind thousands of years ago. Also, the rules of nature also have to be understood.

There are mainly two species on this land – male and female. Apart from this, the third caste is – hybrid. As human beings, this caste is called Hijra or Kinnar which means that both male and female qualities are found. The number of them is very small compared to the other two castes. If a single person is absent from the male and female castes, then the universe will end. That is, both are equally important to keep life moving. This is true from the smallest living on this earth and from the smallest living organisms.

Both the male and female are the means of maintaining the continuity of life on this earth. This is the main function of these. So, there is always an attraction between each other. Since both castes are complementary to each other, so it always remains in this effort to keep the other in their attraction, stay in love with each other, fulfill the rule of nature so that the new life can get the opportunity to come to earth.

Harassment of Women

It is not that there is no fight between the other creatures on earth. Of course, but what is the reason for that fight? If organisms fight among themselves, then the cause is- food. After all, food is also necessary to fulfill the rule of nature to pursue life. So if there is a fight between other creatures, then it is for hunting.

The men and women who have sex, do not fight with each other. They fight other creatures very creature is looking for food to feed himself and his children. In the forest, a male fights with another male to snatch food from his mother and children. One male also fights with another male to get the female. Sometimes he kills another, but no one fights with his female. But the man fights with the woman of his house more than most.

Male cruelty

Who can forget the Tandoor Murder Case in Delhi 23 years ago? For the first time in the history of human life, it was seen that the beauty of male anger, hatred, inhumanity, cruelty, that a woman was thrown into the oven and roasted. Sultan Sharma’s highly exacted and Youth Congress President put the woman in the tandoor and froze it, which she loved, whom she had had sex with and who was his wife. After the Naina Sahni massacre, the whole country began to meditate.

Sushil Sharma first shot his wife Naina, then filled her body in polythene and put her in the car and roamed around the streets of Delhi. Tried that he could put the corpse in the Yamuna from the bridge of Yamuna, but due to the crowd of people, he could not do that. Then he turned his car towards his restaurant in Connaught Place.

Some people were eating food in the restaurant. He asked his manager Keshav to shut down the restaurant. Keshav stopped the restaurant and sent it to all the employees. After this, Sushil told Keshav that there is a corpse in his car’s dinghy, which is to be put into a bowl and put it to a place. He did not tell Keshav that this corpse is his beloved wife Naina. The imagination of this horrible face of a man is enough to shine.

Tandoor’s mouth was small, so the whole corpse could not go in it. Then Keshav and Sushil Sharma cut Nina’s dead body in pieces. When the fire of the melon started to diminish and the pieces of the corpse did not burn completely, then a lot of butter was poured into it. The fire broke out and the smoke ran out.

Anaro, who sells a vegetable on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, saw the smoke coming out of the restaurant’s fireplace and realized that there was a fire in the restaurant and he made noises. The police policeman, Abdul Nazir Gunju, who was patrolling nearby, had a noisy hearing in the ears, along with the crowd, he ran towards the restaurant and in the same way, a male-grown man who had heard it for years. It will continue to be heard.

There are innumerable stories of atrocities of male society. Whether it is Jessica Lal Murder, Priyadarshini Mattoo Case or Nirbhaya’s Rape and Scandalous Death

Raped Women

Manor, it would not be wrong to say that a cruel and evil creature like a man will not be found in any other species of the world.

Why men make a raven

When was this perverted attitude born? Who created it? Why create it? What was the factor that dominated the man over the woman? When and how was the feeling of being superior to a woman, and how the man was filled with DNA, while nature made both of them complementary to each other, had made each other a lover and companion, not competitive?

Indeed, the game of harassment of women started thousands of years ago, when religion began to spread its legs on earth. Those who spread religion made war between man and man. To spread his followers and his thoughts on the greater ground, he made a fierce battle. He invented the invisible power like God and flung the rules of nature in order to make his point of view, he started throwing down the oppressors.

Forcibly taken the women of the opponents from them. Forcibly created physical relations with them. Generated illegitimate children. Just from this, seeds of bitterness began to fall between the complementary woman and man, who maintained the continuity of life on earth. This is where the man’s DNA involved the brutality and fear of the woman.

Religion is the natural quality of China human

Religion never elevated mankind but stripped its natural properties from it. With the origin of religion, man is different from all the other creatures found on this earth. Began to ignore the laws of nature. Even the man began to understand himself so superior that he was born on the destruction of nature.

In the end, all the attributes of cruelty, fear, anger, destruction, humiliation, exploitation, oppression, were deeply contained in the DNA of his. Today, if he treats himself as a woman better than a woman, then he is responsible for this, then it is responsible for religion.

Harassment of women

In childhood, we had heard a story. Truthful of Savitri and Savitri. Satyavana dies. When Yamraj starts taking his soul, then Savitri chases Yamraj far and away with his words, his husband brings the truthful soul back into his body. Truthful wakes up. But we never heard of such a story that a husband has done this for his wife. These stories are kept in religion. Religion told the woman that this work is just yours, not the man.

For millions of years, women are looting everything on men. On the death of her husband in the war, the wife has been living with her body alive and alive. To do this, religion was bound by him. Ever heard that a husband has become a Sati for his wife? All the rules, the whole system, the whole discipline has been created by men. These things have been created in the name of religion.

This religion was imposed by a man on a woman.

He has fabricated all the stories. He fabricates stories in which the man brings the woman back home. And does not make such a story in which the man returns to save the woman. The woman went to search for another woman, there is no question of saving her. The man has made all arrangements for his convenience.

This arrangement has been arranged by men, the creators of religion.

Those men, who called themselves religious teachers and who gathered their appetite in the guise of religion. In fact, whoever has some power, does some sort of thing, those who are weak in some way, they get rid of them. Owners become the same. They create slavery.

Men in physical terms are a little powerful. But there is not much that stamina in it. The woman has less physical strength, but endurance is immense. Nature has both made it so that both of these powers can be used to maintain the continuity of life on earth.

Broken rule

The work of a man is to give food, to give protection, to give love and to work for a woman, giving birth to a new life by giving that love place in your womb. All creation is under the same rule. The woman has to undergo nine months of her abdomen and then undergo the pain of giving birth. So nature has increased her stamina.

The man has to take care of him during these 9 months, he has to arrange food, so he has increased physical strength. But some weary, eccentric people broke the simple rule of nature and sat on it and started pressing for the use of the physical power of the man towards the wrong actions. He gave up in the battles. Put them in ruinous activities.

These distortions have been running in the blood of men for thousands of years, and the result of such distortions is domestic violence.

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