I am the 22-year-old woman living in PG. Go to college in the morning, and work on a Pizza Hut in the evening. I have fallen in love with a student in my class.
Once I went to meet him at his house when he was alone in the house. He embraced me. I too got carried away in the spirit and everything happened. Now that young man takes me from me, while my mind does it to get it. What do I do?


You live in PG in the other city alone and spend partying time doing your studies, but love is flooding all your dreams. On the third, you have made a mistake by dedicating yourself to him, but now try to find him as you did before. Otherwise, do not leave a relationship with them and forget the moments of life, forgetting those moments of life.

Get a new start after the breakup. Engage yourself in the work and think about your career. If he loves you, he will surely meet you, otherwise, you will not be able to be happy even by unilateral love.

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Before marriage, know the boundaries of love

As soon as matchmaking happens, the boy wants to dive into the ocean of love to understand each other. One thing is fixed, especially on the side of the boy, what makes a difference, now in a few days we are going to be one, then why do not you just come back together. These proposals are often from him that let’s go for a walk in the night, walk on the clove drive. Well, nowadays the reader is a generation, you can understand your good luck. She knows what her limitations are. Even curbing emotions may also know something. But would it not be better to have chosen a spouse to explain to you in your own way that I think it is more important to understand the feelings and thoughts of each other before such moments of happiness. If you do not mind, do not do anything like that, which will later regret.

Rekha’s wedding was decided in a very gentle family. Writing, Accounting was the family. Rekha was working in a good multinational company. She was a girl of open thoughts. As soon as the match came, the boy started coming home. The person who used to live in the house, seemed like she was forgetting that she was not in the office, in the in-laws family. Rahul was happy at the beginning. Come along, do shopping. As the distance approached near the wedding day, the distances were also going down. One day Rekha asked Rahul to go on a long drive, why did not I get you after this evening after the office.

But what is it, the good relationship here is freezing? Rahul refused marriage. The cards were divided, the preparations were completed. But what happened, when it happened, how happened? Do not tell on the question, just so much in words that the relationship is over. After a lot of time, it was heard from someone that Rekha is a very shameless type of girl. Rahul watched the condom kept at the time of long drive in Rekha’s purse. Seeing this, he decided to break the relationship. Perhaps it was an illusion that Rekha had already been treated with this kind of helplessness with many such men. Nowadays, the girls, who were gradually becoming extinct, were getting into the common practice of Megha. Due to these things, there was talk of discontinuing relations.

Girl Looking For another

What things are needed

Therefore, it is better to take special care on the conduct, on the conduct of children during the course of the courtship. The person you are mixing with is a future life partner, there is a husband to be, there has not been. Arguably, it is also possible to tell everything clearly. It is not good to keep the foundation of the future even on lies. But in order to maintain peace and love, there is a need to control the emotions of patients and curb them.

Do not drown in love

Diving in the ocean of love before marriage is not an inexcusable crime. But do not drown. Learn some tricks that can swim with fun. This time between engagement and marriage should be memorable, and remembering those moments, paid awakens, and your love will become impoverished for them and they say, wish they come back. For this, be aware of these things-

If possible, do not go out alone. Keep your younger siblings together.

Too much solubility is not right.

Meeting should be sweet and short

Do not talk about home.

Respect each other’s feelings.

Do not talk nonsense.

Do not talk shamelessly.

Remember, where there is no respect there is no love.

Try making a place in the heart. You will welcome the open arms of the house.

Learn the skills to say ‘no’ to arbitrarily.

Do not become chatter

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