The role of women in the elections to be held in April- May will be mainly because now there are many issues that have a direct impact on women. Prior to the 2014 elections, the main issue was corruption which made the headlines of newspapers but it did not have any effect on the common life. Now Narendra Modi is trying to make this election India-Pakistan issue so that everyone can be scared that eliminating Pakistan is essential for India. Whoever does not consider it an issue, it will be a traitor.

Behind this false patriotism and country love, it is not only to maintain the religious traditions that give women mental and social bondage but also to strengthen them. In the last 5 years, there are more cases of religious or religion or religion related to caste than the economic affairs of the country.

Women in Society

Gauraksha is a straightforward religious matter. Cows have sung in mythological texts. In fact, it was such a wealth that anyone could easily carry donations in any household without any head. Today, politics is being done on the name of cows, even if the city is getting dirty due to this, farmers’ crops are being destroyed.

The price of this is to be given to women only. On the one hand, they suffer from expensive things because of this, on the other hand, they are taught to read the bar and put them in the service of the Gau Sewa or Saint Sewa. In these five years, the talk of Kumbh, Narmada tours, pilgrimages, statues, temples increased. In the name of real salvation some roads, bridges were inaugurated on which work had started years ago.

India is progressing, there is no doubt in it, but it is the result of the common man’s hard work, if the government will introduce a large part of this effort in the service of Saint Sewa, Gau Sewa, Tirtha Sewa or the army service, then what will happen to the householder?

Today there is a huge shortage of residential houses, while the prices are not rising. This is because money is not saved by people. After changing lifestyle, the householder cannot save enough money to buy his own house in 10-15 years of being young. She is living her stylish life in the hired dolls. If women were thrown into battle for victory in elections, then this would be another kill.

In order to recover the tax from the people of the old times, they often used to incite people to make them an empire, recruit people in the army, do more work and tax more and bind them in more bonds. Even today in many countries this history is being repeated.

The freedom that women want, they can meet the government who bring peace and less forcefully to those who challenge the Crusades. Religion is the only business then there is tremendous reverence for the gurus of women and they invite themselves, their husbands, their children, and not only their daughters to the feet of the gurus.

Even after the opening of poles like Rajneesh, Asaram, Ramarahim, Rampal, Nirmal Baba, they are engaged in the blind faith of these gurus and masters. Now what to say about women when Shivendra Singh of Ranbaxy Company, who successfully runs the business of billions of trillion, has also become the joint director of Gurukul and is running it like a business, where thousands of devotees wearing white clothes are seen.

All the owners’ ashrams, camps, centers are surrounded by such allegations. It is common for these owners to rape the women every day, they also eat the money of the devotees, capture the government land, kill the opponent, make the rebel employees to the missing. Yet they are never lacking in devotion.

Generally, there are crowded women in these ashrams who come to the shelters of gurus to get rid of their homes but they get trapped in the other caves. These ashrams also offer opportunities for dancing, good food, and the evils of neighbors. Many people get sexual gratification from the teachers or their disciples. In the ashram, the objections are not raised in houses too. Devotees come in the ashrams, the precious things of their home, and they give their disadvantaged daughters to the service.

A case of Kerala had reached to the Supreme Court where a 16-year-old girl was served by her mother to her lord, that she would get her due. Shivendra Singh and Manvendra Singh’s controversy in which Radha Swami Satsanga has completely trapped clear that it is the most harmful for the society to give rise to the sorcery of such gurus.

Sadly, most of the leaders, apart from the Ikkaduka leaders, rub the nose at the feet of these gurus, like Shivendra, Manvendra Singh and millions of devotees. Do not you also have such devotion.

Whom to trust

In the care of old people, children may also have to struggle with blackmail and sexual harassment. However, a case in Mumbai where the nurse, who was kept for the 68-year-old father, made a video while massaging the father and then demanded Rs 25 crore from the video. Even though such a case has surfaced, such cases may not happen, it can not happen.

Servants kept for the elderly often complain that the elderly beat them up. By saying this, they also charge money from son-boys by threatening to leave the job. Some employers learn twenty-two ways to make money by becoming vicious. Working sons-in-law recognize the insistence of old parents because by coming to this age, there arise doubts in the minds of the elderly that somebody will not leave them, do not sign any paper, take some loot and do not take any loot. They sometimes trust the servant or the maid who is with them for 24 hours and sometimes 24 hours are doubting him.

Servant Thief

Blackmailing is very easy to make a video and the sons and daughters of good homes do not have the courage to interrogate their parents nor do they want to endure slander. Even if they go to the police, then there is danger that if a servant or a maid who knows every state of the house, what does he do if he does not eat?

This problem is not an easy solution. Worldwide, the number of young sons is decreasing, and aging is increasing. Now this burden has started falling on the grandchildren. By the time the aged are really helpless, the grandchildren have become young and they have to deal with these servants of maids.

Our society had already made arrangements to take the Vanaprastha Ashram that means go to a forest and die, but today’s civilized, logical, sensitive and responsive society totally rejects it. Older people will have to suffer, this training should now be given the routine. This should be the course of this. Do not forget that this problem is becoming frustrating.


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