Sex In The Hotel Meets Extreme Pleasure

Often people feel, that the sex in the hotel room made with their partner is more enjoyable and satisfying than the bedroom of the house. This is not the thought of one or two people, but this has come to light during the research done on 5000 people in 15 countries.

According to the conclusion, most people had the answer that the sexual intercourse in the hotel was about 25 to 49 minutes longer than the house. And not only, according to one of the three, but they also found extreme happiness while having sex in the hotel compared to their home.

According to a survey conducted by the mobile booking service “Hotel Tonight“, “More than half (54%) Canadian participants said that when they are in the hotel, their sexual arousal increases significantly.”

Extreme Pleasure in Sex

About half of the few Canadian participants said that they are attracted to making frequent sexual intercourse in the hotel compared to home.

Except for participants from Italy, Australia, and Russia, participants from eight other countries believed that the sexual stimulus of their partner in the hotel increases significantly, rather than the home.

Some participants said that the hotel beds attracted them to make them sex.

According to the conclusion, “Canadians prefer bigger beds for better sex, while women in Canada enjoy more in sexual activity on a stiff bed.

This study was published in ‘Global News

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