Bypassing conservative thinking and traditions, the number of smart movers in society is increasing rapidly.
When we talk about mother, many times the image of a recent woman is present, she is engaged in the balance between her children and her home. Many times she becomes mentally disturbed in this affair. Irritability begins to increase in that, which often leads her away from family and children. But now things are changing. In society, the number of such Smart Mom is increasing rapidly, which is progressing step by step with family, children, husband, and society. Such Smart Moms have been playing a vital role in keeping society happy with family as well.

Let’s first introduce you to a celebrity Smart Mom, who takes care of his children and family with his professions, gives time to society too.

Yes, we are talking about film actress Celina Jaitley. Celina Jaitley is a Bollywood actress. Celina Jaitley’s father was an army officer and her mother was a nurse in the Afghan army. Celina’s brother is in the army. Celina herself wanted to go to the army as a pilot. When she did B.Com, she got an opportunity to participate in beauty contestants. She became Miss India in 2001. From here it started in films. In many films like ‘Janasheen‘ and ‘No Entry‘, the audience liked her performance. She is considered one of the most beautiful and bold actresses of the film world.

Celena Jaitley With Her Family

Celina married to Australian businessman Peter Hag in 2011, in 2011. PeterHug does business in Dubai. After their marriage, Celina gave birth to twin sons Viraj Hag and Winston Hag. She kept herself fit and smart even after becoming a mother. Now she is preparing to settle in Mumbai to Dubai so that she can resume her film career.

Marriage and carrier with children

Most actresses who first worked in films used to take retirement from films after marriage. For this reason many times they used to carry on the slope of marriage but now it is not so. World beauty and successful film actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan married film actor Abhishek Bachchan during the height of her career. After marriage, gave birth to Aaradhya. Aishwarya’s family is the most famous film family in the country. In addition to her husband Abhishek, father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan and mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan are big artists. All are busy in their own work. In such a situation, Aishwarya took full care of her daughter until she grew up. During this time she was completely away from film dazzle. Now when her daughter is deserving of going to school, Aishwarya has again started paying attention to her film career.

Aishwarya Rai with her daughter

Lara Dutta, who won the Miss Universe crown in 2000, is from the city of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. His father L.K. Datta and mother, Jennifer Dutta, gave full support to Lara in stepping into the world of modeling. After becoming Miss Universe, Lara Dutta started her film career. When her film career was on the heels, Lara married to tennis star Mahesh Bhupati. After the marriage, Lara became the mother and gave birth to a daughter, whose name was Saira Bhupathi. Lara’s daughter has also become a schoolgirl, so Lara is about to start a film career again.

Lara Dutta with her daughter

Karishma Kapoor, the mother of 2 children, is also preparing to start her film career again. Karishma Kapoor, the 40-year-old daughter of the Bollywood’s most famous Kapoor dynasty.
Her husband Sanjay Kapoor, two of his children were Samira Kapoor and Kian Raj Kapoor. The film career of Karishma who left the film world was smacking. She has hit films with every big actor in the film world. After marriage and children, she is preparing to make a comeback in the film world.

The name of Mandira Bedi, Malaika Arora Khan, Nandita Das, and Sridevi is also notable in the list of film Smart Moms. Malaika Arora, Nandita Das, and Sridevi also continued their film career with the upbringing of the children.

Shilpa Shetty also has a big name in the list of such smart moms. After marrying Raj Kundra, Shilpa gave birth to the son named Vivan. Shilpa continued her film career even after the son’s birth. Even today, she is fully active in films, TV, and modeling. Along with this, she is the owner of IPL cricket team. Seeing the figure of her, the new heroine can also overcome new ones.

Shilpa Shetty with her son


Fully Fit & Healthy

The talk is not only about the film Smart Moms. In society, we see all such smart moms. From the government to the private offices, all the smart mom have made themselves so smart that they appear to be less than their years for many years. The greatest of these is hidden in their health. Fit and happy women are smarter. Many times more weighted women are also so smart in their work that young people are not able to stand in front of them.

The mother of 2 daughters, Jyoti Sharma works in a private office. She has been the secretary of the company’s owner for nearly 20 years. Though she is weighing heavily, even if she is not so beautiful and fit than girls who work in the office, she mesmerizes everyone with her work and behavior. Not only this, but she also gives full time to her family members and daughters. Despite being overweight, she is completely fit and healthy.

Pooja Verma goes to school to teach children at school 25 km away. She has a younger daughter. She is going to school. Pooja first drives daughter to school. After this, she goes to school. Returning home from school in the afternoon, she brings home.

Healthy Mom

She says, “The time has changed. Husband also offers full support. After this, more work is done in the part of women. The greatest need for this is that we remain calm. Create a timetable with intelligibility so that no urgent work can be skip, and in order to do the job properly, it is important that we take care of our health. Keep up the necessary check-ups on time. More work is needed to work more. Eat healthy food in such a way. ”

Smart moms save husbands time

Smart Moms are not the only ones who do the job or their business. Smart Moms also take care of their family members in the form of housewives. Not only do husbands save time, but they can also do their work in a better way.

Mohni got married to Rahul. Mohni completed masters, but she became housewives. She had no regrets about this. Actually, Rahul had a new job. He had to spend more time on his job. Mohni also lived with her mother-in-law who was often ill. The lamp could not take care of them. In such a way, when Rahul got the help of Mohni, show the way. Now he started paying full attention to his job. Mohni took over the entire work of the house. In such a situation, Rahul got the opportunity to work in the office and started climbing the steps of success.
Despite Mohni, Rahul never had to face any problem. Mohni does the small work of home, such as collecting a bill of electricity, shopping for ration, taking medicines etc. For this, she never disturbed Rahul. Rahul got a full time to stay away from the responsibilities of the house and move forward in the job.

Mohni says, “I see myself as a house manager rather than a housewife. But now the daughter has grown up. So, I want to help my husband in running a job. ”

Smart Mom Save Husband time

Many wives like Mohni are in society, who are helping their husbands by handling the family. These are not less than any smart mom.

Thinking is changing

Now girls are getting married between 25 and 30 years. In such a situation, the girls have started to take care of their children. Being smart, they have many benefits. First of all, the job is done even after the age of 30. Even after coming to the state of private jobs, girls have started getting opportunities to make career even after becoming a mother. This change has begun even after starting studies at the right age. Marriage at the right age is more likely to be the mother of girls. ”

Ruchi, who graduated at the age of 22, got married in 24 years. After that, she continued her studies. She became a mother in 26 years When her daughter started going to school, Ruchi got ready to do the job. Now she is handling both the job and the house well. She does not have any kind of trouble.


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