Why do not ask virginity of boys?

Men often question the virginity of women. Girlfriends should always be a virgin, even though they themselves are not a virgin. After all, why are not men asked about virginity?

Every young man or boyfriend wants a virgin wife or girlfriend for himself. Even if he himself has violated the virginity of many women. It is also believed that if the young woman is a virgin, she is characteristic, but there is no such condition for the young man. He is always considered a virgin.

What is virginity? Why do youth give it so much importance? How does this relate to the character of the young woman? There is a need to understand the answers to many questions and misunderstandings. In the year 2016 Bollywood movie ‘Pink‘, when the lawyer questions openly about the character of Tapsi Pannu in court, when the virginity of her was lost, silence spreads there. The difference in youth in India is not limited to gender, but it is also about the question of virginity.

Virginity Question

Sex and virginity

When girlfriends meet her boyfriend, then obviously today’s generation does not refrain from sex. That’s why both have free sex and traditional romance, as long as the affair of both of them runs, both of them have lost their virginity by law.

Whether the boyfriend likes to squeeze so many times, breaking the heart of the young women, that question is never asked about his virginity. Many questions are asked in the marriage of the young woman, but no one raises the question of whether the young man is a virgin or not. At the same time, every other boyfriend of the young woman expects that her girlfriends are virgin, that is, she has no sex with anyone. Even if the young man has had physical relations with his ex-girlfriends many times, but the young woman should get her virgin.

Boys are also virgin

A common debate among students in college and class is the topical that when their girlfriends or classmates lost their virginity. In a very interesting way, the young man estimates whether the young woman is a virgin or not. The first priority of making her girlfriends is that she gives only to a virgin girl, but she does not peep into her own surroundings and see where she is a virgin.

Amitabh Bachchan has said in his opinion on this subject that if questions are asked about the virginity of girls, then this question should also be given to the boys. There should be no discrimination in this. He further says that if a young woman is asked something, she is questioned as if she has done some wrong thing, but when it is a matter of boy, the question comes with an exclamation mark as if she did some great work.

Enjoy The Love

Fails in the virginity test, then!

In such days, you definitely read such news in newspapers, where the marriage of a woman gets broken or harassed in the name of virginity test. The relationship between girlfriends and boyfriends is also broken on the basis of this point. It was reported in the past that in Nashik, Maharashtra, a husband left his wife only after 2 days of marriage because he failed in the virginity Test.

Not only this, to decide whether a woman is a virgin or not, some people use to spread a white sheet to check the virginity of the woman. If there is no blood stain on the sheet after the sex, then the young woman is not considered a virgin.

Virgin Test and Confusion

The common belief is that the young woman who first got the sex, the hyphen membrane found in the female reproductive organ explodes and the blood goes out. If that membrane does not break, it is considered to be a virgin. Simply, there is a misconception about the fact that when the girlfriends bleed for the first time, they are not virgin or otherwise, while gynecologist and sex experts believe that the hymen’s membrane does not have any connection with the sexual relationship and virginity. This membrane of 90% of females bursts during cycling, horseback riding, dance or other physical activity. In such a way it is said that the woman has done sex, it is wrong.

Also, check the virginity of boyfriend

If the boyfriend demands proof of virginity on the subject then he should also examine the virginity. Not only will he get a lesson from this, but he will not ask irrelevant things like virginity again. But how to find out? If you also have to check the Boyfriend’s virginity, then question him and understand his behavior. For example, if the boyfriend is a virgin, then you will not be hasty in doing sex with you.

Enjoying Sex

During sex will also look quite uncomfortable. For the first time, it is frightening when making a relationship or it can not afford the position. He will be relieved of having relations with you, while the boyfriend has already made sex with other girl do the sex with ease. Virgin boyfriend will make a distance from girlfriends and will panic too many times, while a boyfriend who has lost his virginity, will touch the girlfriends, and as soon as he finds opportunities for sex.

Overall, the relation of youth with respect to love, not on the question of sex and virginity. There is no virgin. Someone has done sex and many people watch porn movies and make fun of them. So that the relationship of couples is dependent on trust, and the young man who asks questions about her virginity should give her first virginity to the girl.

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